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Luis Troncoso's e-portfolio

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Welcome to Luis E. Troncoso's electronic portfolio


| Reflection Letter | Matrix | Courses Taken | Contact Me | POS | 18-Hour Review |


About Me

My name is Luis E. Troncoso. I am a Brownsville ISD high school technology support teacher and soccer coach. I have really enjoyed my career in education thus far, however, I seek further accomplishments. The knowledge and skills gained from a Master's Degree in Educational Technology has given me the opportunity to continue growing as a professional and to pursue my goal of becoming an educational leader in my community.


E-Portfolio's Purpose

The purpose of my e-portfolio is to set a performance indicator that supports progression of continuous artifact developments during my path to achieve the Master’s in Educational Technology. The e-portfolio will also include reflective annotations on the gradual change of each artifact.  The final purpose of the e-portfolio is to demonstrate my growth in responsibilities as a student in the Educational Technology program.


E-Portfolio's Organization

The e-portfolio's organization allows the user to navigate through the main pages. These pages include personal details and credentials required by the educational technology program.  Links to all the pages are provided in the menu bar at the top of each page. 

  •      Home
  •      Reflection Letter
  •      Matrix
  •      Courses Taken
  •      Résumé
  •      Contact Me
  •      Program of Study (POS)
  •      18 Hour Review


Navigating the E-Portfolio

The e-portfolio's organization enables the user to quickly access the pages or files desired.  Class projects or assignments are found in the home page of each course. Project artifacts may be accessed through the Courses Taken page or from the Matrix page.


Contact Information 

E-Mails: ltroncoso@bisd.us



Updated 07/08/2014 
Revised 11/17/2011


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